Provide participants with the information they need in order to provide meaningful input.

Fully customizable

Match your branding to the last pixel with custom multilingual domains and URLs. All traffic is secured with HTTPS by default.

Mobile friendly

Our responsive design ensures optimal display of content and features regardless of the client’s device. It’s not just mobile-friendly, but also fully mobile functional.

Drag & Drop Interface

Design pages using an easy drag-and-drop feature. Choose from our existing templates or create your own. The live preview feature allows you to make sure content looks great before it’s published.


Publish content and manage engagements in multiple languages. Participants can toggle between languages seamlessly while staying on the same page.

Unlimited participation

Host an unlimited number of engagement activities, consultation types, topics and styles, concurrent participants and responses per discussion.

Targeted engagements

Restrict certain activities to specific audiences or other criteria. Restricted activities are only visible to participants that have access to participate in them.

Organize engagements

Organize activities into engagement initiatives and use collections to group different initiatives together. Open, archive, reactivate and remove activities as needed.

Beautiful content

Paste from Word or write directly into the rich text editor. Embed videos, images, and upload files. Create image and video galleries that are mobile-friendly.

Robust search

Participants can browse and search the site for engagement activities. Searches can be filtered by tags and categories or can give participants suggestions when search phrases are spelled incorrectly.


Provide easy-to-use tools designed to encourage audiences to actively participate.

Discussion forums

Create an unlimited number of discussion forums on any topic, connected to any engagement initiative, and allow participants to share their thoughts, ideas and stories.


Gather participant comments in response to posted topics or as threaded conversations. You can show the comments publicly or only show them to registered participants.

Surveys and questionnaires

Create a single page or multipage survey and questionnaire. Use conditions to show or hide questions based on the answers to the other questions.

Alerts and notifications

Participants can choose to receive alerts when content is posted and when their comments are voted on, or replied to. More alerts and notifications keep participants engaged.

Questions and answers

Publish question and answer sets, and provide instant answers to existing questions. Answer questions publicly or privately directly to the participant who asked.


Participants can up-vote and down-vote comments. Comments can be ordered by most up-votes or by date. Participants can only vote once to prevent abuse.


Create a quick poll with any number of choices from which participants can choose when submitting their vote. This is a quick way to get input on any given topic.

Private feedback

Allow participants to provide their feedback privately. Private feedback is delivered to engagement administrators directly and it is never shown to others.

Customizable messages

Customize, on a per activity basis, the messages shown to participants after they submit their input. Or choose a URL to send participants to upon input submission.


The tools you need to foster a community of civilized and enriching participation.

Multiple management roles

Distribute the workload of managing engagements between an unlimited number of administrators, moderators, and editors.

Keyword usage alerts

Receive alerts when participants use specific keyword while providing input. You can add or remove words to the list of tracked keywords at any time.

Automatic language filtering

76engage automatically filters out offensive words submitted by participants. Administrators can add or remove terms to the list of words at any time.

Moderation policy management

Administrators can control whether participant input is made public automatically or if pre-screening is required. Input that does not comply with your policies can be removed.

Bulk content moderation

Engagement managers can perform operations such as deleting or un-publishing multiple participant submissions at once.

Moderation alerts

Moderators receive notifications when new participant submissions are received and when other participants report inappropriate content.

Measure & Understand

Flexible and customizable reports give you complete visibility over the discussions

Customizable reports

Report parameters can be fully customized and filtered. Custom reports can be saved to reuse at a later date.

Participation reports

76engage provides real-time, filterable and faceted reporting on all engagement metrics. Results can be accessed within the platform in real time.

Location reports

Visualize on an interactive map where your participants are located. Additionally, 76engage may be configured to capture geolocation coordinates from mobile devices.

Individual responses

View individual responses for all engagement activities including participant comments, survey submissions, questionnaires and poll votes.

Data exports

All engagement data is exportable in formats for access through programs such as Microsoft Excel and other applications.



Our expertise in support of your objectives

  • Content adaptation to maximize online participation
  • Development of custom tools to fit your engagement needs
  • Proactive monitoring and moderation of participant input
  • Ongoing technical monitoring and system maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and technical support
Peace of mind

Comply with Regulation

Cross all the Ts and dot all the Is

  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility compliance.
  • All consultation data is stored in a secure and dedicated database.
  • Protection against unauthorized access, viruses, malware, Trojans and worms.
  • You own your data, which is provided to you and wiped from our servers.
  • Country-specific hosting and data transmissions
  • All notifications are opt-in and compliant with the Anti Spam CAN-SPAM Act.

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