Some articles that caught our attention and that we think are worth sharing.

AI will soon be able to cover public meetings. But should it?

AI may provide a solution to cover meetings that resource-starved news and civic organizations might miss. And it’s important that we develop guidelines with a strong ethical foundation.

Government of Canada Privacy Guidance Checklist

A practical checklist from the Government of Canada of privacy measures to observe in planning, designing, reviewing, launching, and updating a site

Where do we go from X?

Neville Hobson looks at the implications of more fragmented social networks in the wake of Elon Musk’s dismantling of Twitter.

Disney, The New York Times and CNN are among a dozen major media companies blocking access to ChatGPT as they wage a cold war on A.I.

Major news outlets are taking steps to prevent AI applications from scraping their sites to train the AIs’ large language models (LLMs)